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Developed by 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., this app provides the primary benefit of converting a Lead. Through a converted Lead we can easliy track, manage and maintain an effective customer relationship and the opportunities to close the deals. Upon conversion, created Account, Contact and Opportunity can be used in various ways for implementing the custom business solutions. As with converted Account we can relate many contacts as buyers, owners and those persons who are influential within the organization. Similarly, many opportunities can be related to engage in business and separate record for each Opportunity can be created within the Salesforce®. Overall, we can decide our selling activities on Priority basis and easily track them against an Account, Contact or Opportunity.
When to convert a Lead and why is it essential:
In Salesforce®  Lead represents a prospect (business or person) which may do some business deals with you. Before we get too long in Sales-cycle, Lead should be qualified to make sure about sales of your products or services. If it is qualified, more time will be spent in maintaining a relationship for closing of sales or engaging in services. Afterwards, It is qualified it becomes essential to convert it into an Account, Contact and optionally into an Opportunity. An opportunity is converted as optional when we have no selling opportunity at the time. It is essential for selling our activities on priority basis. FEATURES:
 Multiple Lead Records get converted with a single click.
 Opportunity creation an optional feature during Lead Conversion.
 Mapping of Lead Fields to specific objects (Account, Contact, and Opportunity) on conversion.
 Record Types selection during Lead Conversion.
 Lead Object custom fields mapping to the specific Objects (Account, Contact, and Opportunity).


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