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Powered by 360 Degree Clouds Technologies Pvt. Ltd., this app provides email verification. Cleanse your customer and lead lists at point-of-entry.To ensure the accuracy of database, verified email addresses should be entered. Email Verification for Salesforce® allows users to quickly & easily validate, verify, and check the Email addresses with just one click. Verify The Email App enables you to verify, correct and check the reliability of the email addresses in no time. It is an important aspect with the data to ensure its quality. Most of the times email format is not genuine in nature or formatted properly, so needs to be rectified or filtered and then only some operation should have been performed.
Description:Until now you've had limited options to dedupe and maintain valid Emails.Invalid and bad email addresses wastes the time unwantedly and emerges the need of data cleaning for our custom business solutions . Majority of our work in today's time depends on email , so it is utmost  important to verify the email addresses before doing any kind of action especially if we implement the solutions in CRM like Salesforce® where custom logics for business solutions are implemented.
 Increase sales when your prospect contact data is clean and up-to-date.
 Offers real-time verification of all your records.
 The batch process enables you to validate your data in bulk saving a lot of your time.
 Expand your overseas sales territory by verifying the Email addresses.
 Superior customer service and support.
 A tool to clean Bulk of Salesforce® data including custom objects
 Time and Money is saved.
 Customer Service is improved.
 Formatting and Syntax errors are identified for wrong email addresses.
 It verifies the existence of domain and ensures the receiving of emails since the domain exists
 Deliverability is ensured to implement variety of checks
 Data Quality is enhanced and we have a prefix of an email address
 This does not benefit only a single user, instead it takes an organization as a whole
 Email list is cleaned which improves our marketing efforts and reputation.
 The more we have validated email addresses, the greater is number of prospects and opportunities

Powered by a Cloud Consulting Company,
Email Verification enables you to check and make corrections for the information . In order to save the time, data cleansing is performed for optimized business solutions and increasing our sales.

The Verification for this app provides:
Email Verification: Reliable and valid email addresses are detected in order to save the time. It is significant in order to maintain a good business. And many times email address is the only mean to communicate with an individual so, it should always be verified. This is an app within Salesforce.com, Inc. and available to all Users. Verify The Email offers real-time and batch processing for all Salesforce® Objects including Custom. With deep administration work and technical support for unlimited users, Verify The Email App will meet all your needs.


  • Jennifer Kanouse, 21-09-16 18:33:
    Great experience

    Looking for an app like this from a long time. Glad to find it out. Works smoothly and their support team were able to customize it as per our needs.

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