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Just a few duplicate entries can create a ton of clutter in the system. Too many can turn them into unmanageable mess.This app is designed to Search and Merge duplicate records on objects (Lead, Account and Contact). We can narrow the results by adding filter criteria , identify the Primary records and seamlessly merge the related records. The App also gives the facility to set schedules, so that the CRM is duplicate free without any human intervention.

Target Market:
All Companies small or big require a CRM system, which is free of duplicates. The primary user of the app will be the system administrator. Sales Rep can also use the same to keep their Lead, Account & Contact duplicate free.

These are the major 4 processes that the App performs:
Search Duplicates: If there are multiple similar record occurrences in a database then the first thing that comes into mind is to clean the cloned and duplicate records from the database. To avoid duplicates in the database we have launched an App through which you will be able to search the duplicates and that too with particular criteria of single/multiple fields (as per the requirement).There is an additional functionality through which we can put filters to the data that we have fetched from search criteria.

Merge Duplicates: Our App fulfills the functionality to cleanup your database without keeping duplicate record. To merge duplicate records, to find and fix all of your duplicate data, this App automatically merges all identified duplicates at once. With this App you not only merge the duplicate records but it also provides you the ease to not worry about the data loss as all relevant data is saved in the Primary record or under the “Tasks”.You can always select a record as Primary, otherwise, by default the last modified record will be considered is the Primary record.

Save Search Criteria:There are three criteria which are involved in searching and merging the records:
1. Search Criteria: Searching the records with a single field or multiple fields can be done by making criteria of your choice.For example: we can make search criteria by “Email” and also, by combination of “Name” and “Email”.

2.Criteria to filter records:  The records that were searched can now be double filtered by giving specific condition. For example: We can filter it by putting condition “Email not-equals-to Null”.

3.Criteria for Primary record:  By putting condition we can assign a duplicate record to be a Primary Record, so, other duplicate records will be merged with the primary one.For example: We can make record primary by putting condition “Is primary equals to True”.

One button to save all the three criteria by assigning a unique name!


  • Lisa Clark, 21-09-16 18:31:
    Value for money App

    Before using this merge duplicate app, I used to spend countless hours cleaning my data and now the job is done instantly. They took half an hour to set it up and now it’s working smoothly.Full value for money.

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